About us

INTEGREX Research is a combination of long standing contract research experience and seasoned drug discovery expertise obtained in pharmaceutical industry.

INTEGREX Research offers Integrated Drug Discovery Service in the range of hit finding up to pre-clinical candidate selection.

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1. You may outsource a whole program:

  • Hit finding;
  • Hit optimization;
  • Lead optimization.

2. Or chose à la carte. Some examples:

  • Compound synthesis plus standard ADME package;
  • Compound synthesis plus pharmacology on one or two targets plus ADME package;
  • As previous option but now including medicinal chemistry (compound design);
  • in vitro and in vivo ADME/pharmacokinetic studies.

benefits of working with integrex research:

  • The logistics are efficient due to the short distance and ease of communication between labs, enabling for short iteration cycles in the optimization process.
  • The scope of activities can be easily adapted during the course of the project.
  • INTEGREX Research has a simple business model: one portal, one contract, one contact person.
  • All data generated during the course of a project are accessible at all time by the customer (web-based secured database).
  • IP generated during the course of a project is owned by the customer.
  • INTEGREX Research is connected to a wide network giving easy access to additional expertise or academic input to running projects.