About you

And why would INTEGREX Research be valuable to you?
  • You wish to reduce the number of CROs you work with in the early drug discovery process.
  • You wish to increase your program portfolio, however not at the expense of your internal resources.
  • You are already making use of the services offered by one of the partner CROs of INTEGREX Research: Syncom, ABL, LP Solutions or Brains On-Line. You would like to broaden these services using one portal and gain efficiency thanks to tight logistics and short timelines.
  • You are a spin-off from university, holding a proprietary asset (technology, target, mechanism of action, hits). You want to valorize this asset and need professional support with expertise in drug discovery.
  • You are reluctant to outsource drug discovery activities, because you want to keep control of the progress and the outcome, and count on transparency and professionalism in all relevant decisional steps, in the same way you are used to in your own company.

 ....If so, you may well profit from the services provided by INTEGREX Research.


Integrated Drug Discovery