Drug Discovery Program management & consultancy

At INTEGREX Research you have access to many years of experience in drug discovery within pharmaceutical industry

We are specialized in designing and performing the early phase of drug discovery (IND-enabling studies program).  We can assist you in many ways, ranging from consultancy up to execution of an entire project.

One of our recent successful achievements was to develop an in vitro pharmacological assay for a research team at the University of Groningen, which had to fulfil the highly stringent requirements for application at the European Lead Factory. The target was accepted for ultraHTS screening and will hopefully generate valuable hits for further optimization.

During his career at Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Bernard van Vliet, PhD, has managed a considerable number of drug discovery programs providing him with in depth experience in the various aspects of drug discovery. He has established a successful track record in the early development of Nurr-1/RXR agonists (SLV357, SLV359 and SLV360, up to pre-clinical candidates) for the modification of disease progression in Parkinson's disease and Endothelin-1 converting enzyme inhibitors (SLV334, up to phase IIA) for reduction of secondary damage in traumatic brain injury. 

Bernard van Vliet, PhD

  • 2013 - CEO, INTEGREX Research
  • 2012 – Program Director at INTEGREX Research
  • 1992-2011 – Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Abbott
    • Global Program Manager Neurology
      • CNS - Neurodegenerative diseases – Traumatic Brain Injury
      • Target discovery – Phase 2A
    • Head Lead Discovery Unit
    • Pharmacology team member various R&D projects
    • Group leader Neurochemistry
  • 1992 – PhD Neuropharmacology, Free University of Amsterdam,  NL

In his role of program director, Bernard has direct access within the INTEGREX Network to expertise and experience obtained at various pharma companies.   

Photo Bernard

Bernard van Vliet, PhD