Compound Optimization

Excellence in structure and ligand based drug design obtained in pharmaceutical industry

Our dedicated team of medicinal chemists has a longstanding experience in structure- and ligand-based drug design and compound optimization in a variety of target classes, obtained in pharmaceutical industry (ex-Organon, ex-Solvay).

Compound optimization high

We use commercial molecular modeling & computational chemistry software suites as well as of proprietary co-developed e tools. All chemical and biological data generated over the course of a particular project are saved in a protected data environment only accessible to us and the client. 

 Compound & assay data management

comp optim fig01

In-house development based on ChemAxon InstantJChem platform. Overview of all project compounds. Registration and tracking system for chemical matter and different batches thereof, both solids and solutions.

comp optim fig02

Directly linked and integrated with compound management. Combined overview of on- and off-target assay measurements. Calculation of average EC50values, SEM, ligand efficiency measuresand curve quality.