In vivo Pharmacokinetics

Pharmacokinetics - Microdialysis - Proof of target engagement


Analysis performed in a wide range of matrices

  • Brain microdialysate
  • Brain tissue samples
  • CSF samples
  • Plasma
  • Other tissue types or biological fluids

Experimental configurations

  • HPLC plus
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Electrochemical detection
  • Fluorescence detection
  • RIA / ELISA 


  • Including detailed pharmacokinetic analyses (Cmax, tmax, AUC, elimination half-life, clearance, volume of distribution & oral bioavailability) 

Assessment of drug free concentration in target organ

  • Novel quantitative microdialysis using the Metaquant probe
  • Unbound compound concentration in the extracellular spaces
  • Nearly 100% recovery
  • Consistent data with little variation
  • Less animals needed
  • Measurement in CNS, periferal organs, muscle, bone …

Assessment of target engagement

  • Simultaneous monitoring of brain/organ and systemic parameters within one subject
  • Combination of microdialysis and catheters into the jugular- and/or femoral vein

Additional services

  • Plasma (protein) binding
  • Blood-brain barrier transport
  • Brain tissue binding
  • Receptor kinetics